Polyurethane Screen

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Application: Polyurethane Screen


Main description:

Polyurethane Screen


Polyurethane Screen

1. It is a mesh type screen made of polyurethane. It has a mesh shape because it has to serve the purpose of screening. And its main raw material is made according to polyurethane, this emerging plastic raw material, so that the quality of the screen is guaranteed, making it not easy to easily change shape when separating materials.

2. The performance is also varied. The performance of polyurethane screen is superior to other screen boards. Its service life is several times that of the ordinary screen, and the maintenance workload is very small, not a big impact, there is no breakage. And because polyurethane is the raw material, its total cost is also very low, so it is cost-effective compared with other screen. It also does not have the odor like rubber screen, it is non-toxic and tasteless, and it is also anti-corrosion and fireproof.




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