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Polyurethane products in the polysilicon industry, industry applications, advantages and common products

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Polysilicon materials and products require high purity in the production process, and it is necessary to prevent contamination in the production process and form non-conforming products. Among the various sources of pollution, an important source of pollution is metal tools. Therefore, in production, polycrystalline silicon original and finished products must avoid contact with metal tools, and polyurethane products and polyurethane lining tools are an ideal choice. At the same time, the polyurethane material is wear-resistant and elastic, and it also plays a good buffering protection effect on the product in the production process, which is also beneficial to the service life of the tool.


Common applications of polyurethane products in polysilicon production are:

Polyurethane material, polyurethane shovel scraper;

Polysilicon card box bushing Silicon rod card box bushing Polysilicon transfer box lining;

Silicon rod transfer car polyurethane integral bushing Polyurethane box Silicon rod turnover car bushing Turnover car cover;

Silicon rod bushing polyurethane box;

Polyurethane sieving basket for polysilicon cleaning, sifting tray, cleaning basket, cleaning lining basket, polyurethane bushing;

Manipulator gripper for production of polycrystalline silicon rods, clamping pad, gripper;

Polycrystalline silicon rod crushing station polyurethane bushing Broken table PU tank Broken table cover;

Polyurethane bushing for polysilicon crushing table Triangular crushing table lining Polyurethane lining;

Polyurethane box for polysilicon sorting equipment, carbon head box lining;

Polyurethane crucible for all kinds of polyurethane shovel for polysilicon packaging;


Traditional polysilicon to prevent pollution: traditional protective materials use PVC, PTFE, PE and ABS plastic materials, which are prone to plastic brittle, slag, non-wear, non-durable and protective products during use. Structural defects and other problems that plague production efficiency and product quality. Through on-site investigation and trial use, the development of polyurethane elastomers suitable for the industry has greatly improved the above defects, improved the product quality and production efficiency of polysilicon, and good durability also means lowering costs.


Why use polyurethane in the polysilicon industry?

High abrasion resistance of polyurethane: Polyurethane elastomer is the most wear-resistant among the currently known polymer materials. Wear resistance means reducing the generation of debris, reducing pollution, and improving the service life and cost performance of the product. .

High strength of polyurethane materials: The excellent tensile and tear strength and impact resistance of polyurethane elastomers make the material more capable of more difficult tasks, such as crusher protection sleeves for high frequency use.

Excellent elongation at break: The elongation at break of polyurethane elastomers is usually 300-800% or more, which means that the polyurethane will not easily break the material even if there is local large deformation during extreme use. , to reduce the phenomenon of material slag and other undesirable phenomena;

Good elasticity and recovery resilience: Polyurethane elastomer has excellent elasticity and recovery. In contact with extremely high hardness and sharp polysilicon material, even if it is repeatedly puncture, it can recover from self-healing, and it is not easy to cause material damage. Maintain lasting protection;

The polyurethane material is easy to form and the process is simple: the flexible process of the cast polyurethane elastomer makes it possible to have large and complex workpieces. Very suitable for the individual needs of different manufacturers and different products;

The material is highly pure and does not form polysilicon pollution: the polyurethane protection products we provide are all pure polyurethane materials, do not contain plasticizers, and have no other fillers, so they do not produce plasticizers and additives during product use. The precipitation of matter and thus the problem of contaminating polysilicon.

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