Characteristics of Polyurethane Elastomers

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Characteristics of Polyurethane Elastomers

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Characteristics of Polyurethane Elastomers


Characteristics of polyurethane elastomers.


1. Excellent wear resistance: polyurethane elastomers have outstanding wear resistance, about 3-5 times that of natural rubber in general, and therefore have important uses in severe wear and tear situations.


2. Wide range of hardness: polyurethane elastomer hardness adjustable range of low in shore A 0, high hardness up to shore D85, from the hardness of rubber to the hardness of plastic range, more valuable is the polyurethane elastomer in the case of high hardness still has good rubber elasticity and elongation.


3. High strength: the tensile strength and tear strength of polyurethane elastomers are much higher than those of general-purpose rubber at rubber hardness; their impact strength and bending energy are much higher than those of plastic at plastic hardness.


4. Oil resistance: the oil resistance of polyester-type polyurethane elastomers is no less than that of nitrile rubber and comparable to that of polysulfide rubber.


5. High load-bearing capacity: as polyurethane elastomers can increase the hardness while maintaining the elasticity of rubber, thus achieving a high load-bearing capacity, which is not compatible with other rubbers.


6. Good vibration-absorbing properties: polyurethane elastomers exhibit an obvious hysteresis phenomenon for larger deformation effects, in which part of the energy of the external force is consumed in the internal transformation of polyurethane elastomers into heat energy. Therefore, polyurethane elastomer has obvious vibration-absorbing properties, which can also be called damping properties.


7. Low temperature resistance: polyurethane elastomers have good low temperature performance, brittle enclosure is generally very low (-50 ℃ - 70 ℃), some formulation varieties catalytic temperature below -70 ℃, so polyurethane elastomer products are particularly suitable for cold environments.


8. Radiation and ozone resistance: among polymer materials, polyurethane is outstanding radiation and ozone resistance.


9. Mold resistance: polyether type polyurethane has good mold resistance, had a grade of 0-1, basically no mold growth.


10. Biomedical performance: polyurethane materials have good biocompatibility, acute and chronic toxicological tests and animal tests confirm that medical polyurethane materials are non-toxic, non-distorting, no allergic reactions and other adverse side effects

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