Application of polyurethane in general machinery

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Application of polyurethane in general machinery

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Polyurethane plays an important part in modern industry, it provides many kinds of possibilities. As a polymer, polyurethane has elasticity as rubber, has the strength of plastic and the elasticity of rubber. Polyurethane is very versatile and has wide range application in agriculture, civil engineering, paper and cardboard industry, general manufacture and so on.

High industry Tech manufacture polyurethane products include:

·Buffer blocks

·Cable guide blocks

·Carrier return chains

·Clamping profile stones

·Concrete recesses

·Flange wheels

·Forklift paddles


·Grinding rollers

·Grit/steel blasting nozzles


·Infeed/outfeed screws

·Manhole covers

·Paint and ink rollers

·Pallet trolley wheels

·Polyurethane bends

  • Bearing blocks

  • Bellows

  • Conveyor chutes

  • Gaskets and? sealing

  • Glass rollers

  • Membranes

  • Spring elements

  • Transport guides

0 custom-polyurethane-urethane-PU-rollers-wheels.jpg

polyurethane rollers

0 Custom-Urethane-products-Polyurethane-wheels-rollers.jpg

PU coating wheels

0 Custom-Urethane-products-Polyurethane-Sheave-Lining.jpg

polyurethane lining sheave

0 custom-polyurethane-urethane-PU-axle sleeve-coat.jpg

urethane axle sleeave

0 custom-polyurethane-urethane-PU-pads.jpg

polyurethane elastic pads

0polyurethane-urethane-PU-parts for Spiral chamfering machine.jpg

PU for??Spiral chamfering machine

0Custom-Urethane-Sheets-Polyurethane-Pads-Polyurethane-Rods-Uretahen-Bar-Polyurethane-Sheet .jpg

urethane sheet pads rods


TPU extrusion belts tubes squeegee