Features of Polyurethane Products

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Features of Polyurethane Products

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Features of Polyurethane Products


Features of polyurethane products

1. Good wear resistance, polyurethane products have excellent wear resistance.

2. A wide range of hardness, polyurethane products are about Shore A10-D80, while the hardness of ordinary rubber is generally in Shore A60-100. it is worth noting that polyurethane elastomer's can have 400-800% elongation in such a hardness range. While the highest hardness of natural rubber is Shore A70 at an elongation of 550.

 3. High strength and high elongation.

 4.Excellent oil resistance, polyurethane products have better oil resistance than butyl cyanide rubber; better aging resistance than natural rubber and other synthetic rubber; polyether PUR is better than polyester PUR in terms of hydrolysis resistance, acid and alkali solution corrosion resistance.

5.PUR products have excellent features such as light capacity, high strength, adiabatic, sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, anti-corrosion, non-absorbent, easy and quick construction, etc. They have become indispensable materials for adiabatic heat insulation, waterproof plugging and sealing in industrial sectors such as construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical, electric power and refrigeration.

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