The Benefits of Polyurethane Over Plastic

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The Benefits of Polyurethane Over Plastic

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Application: The Benefits of Polyurethane Over Plastic


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The Benefits of Polyurethane Over Plastic


The Benefits of Polyurethane Over Plastic

1. Durability and flexibility. As a material, Polyurethane has an almost unique elastomeric ability. This means that it will maintain its shape even after force or pressure is applied.

2. Cost. Whilst it costs similar amounts to produce plastic as it does to produce polyurethane, urethane is more durable and has a longer lifespan; meaning they are more cost effective in the long run. In some cases, it can even prove to last longer than metal alternatives. The ways that polyurethane is used in the agricultural industry are a perfect example of this being the case; durable and microbial resistant polyurethane star wheels make a superior, (longer lasting, and more cost effective) choice over previous metal star wheels.

3. Load bearing. Urethanes are incredibly tolerant to heavy loads. They can resist an enormous amount of force before they break or lose their shape. This makes them excellent shock absorbers, great for things like packaging blocks, that are reusable and have a longer lifespan.

4. Abrasion resistance. Due to its flexible molecular structure, polyurethane does not break down due to friction as quickly as other materials. This makes them perfect for industrial wheels and tyres, or rollers, as the product lifespan is often a lot longer than other types of plastic.

5. Temperature and Friction. Polyurethane’s temperature limits are a massive benefit, they will continue to perform within the threshold of -62°C to 93°C, with some specific formulas able to reach temperatures of 150°C without losing shape. Polyurethane rollers can be made to have more or less friction; a great example of this is polyurethane rollers on a conveyor belt system. If the roller had less friction it would prevent it gripping to the surface, and would spin without moving the conveyor belt, and if it had too much friction it would simply not move at all.

6. Noise and sound. Polyurethane’s ability to absorb sound means that they can be used to dampen noise. This is especially true when custom made by specialist polyurethane services for your specific project, as this can provide the perfect density and fit. In the automotive industry, polyurethane foam is often injected into car doors to reduce the amount of road noise.

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