Advantages of Polyurethane Screen

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Advantages of Polyurethane Screen

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Application: Advantages of Polyurethane Screen


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Advantages of Polyurethane Screen


Advantages of polyurethane screen

1Long service life. Due to its high strength impact absorption and excellent wear resistance, the service life is 8 - 10 times longer than that of metal screens.

2Polyurethane screen is a polymer organic elastomer with excellent wear resistance, flexibility and high load-bearing capacity. The raw materials used to make polyurethane screens are specially treated to prevent them from falling off under long-term alternating loads.

3High screening efficiency. As the polyurethane screen is made of imported raw materials, it has excellent flexibility and looseness.

4Wide range of application and strong professional applicability. Polyurethane sieve is suitable for metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluoride, cooling slag, coke and other raw materials), non-ferrous metals, gold, coal, chemical industry, building materials, water conservancy projects, building materials and other metal minerals processing and mining.

5High sieving precision. The manufacturing process of polyurethane screen determines the aperture of the product, the aperture is accurate and the quality of the screen is high.

6. Low noise operation. According to the actual measurement, the same type of screening machine using polyurethane screen, lower noise than the metal screen 5-20 decibels, significantly reduce dust flying, creating a quiet, clean working environment for the production workshop.