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Polyurethane Coating Rollers

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Polyurethane Coating Rollers


What are the advantages of polyurethane coating?


1. Bright color, dense and smooth colloid surface, colloid material and mandrel bonding firmly. Cots size is strictly controlled, size will not vary greatly due to temperature and humidity conditions.


2. The hardness index of polyurethane cladding is wide ranging from HS15 to HS90, which can meet the hardness requirements of cots of various printing presses.


3. The colloid used in polyurethane coating has enough surface viscosity, which can ensure that the cots have good ink transfer and ink performance in the printing process, and good ink-friendly performance can ensure high quality printing.


4. Polyurethane coating has good chemical properties and is suitable for a variety of ink and printing methods. It has special tolerance to the solvent component of various ink, moistening solution and cleaning agent. Polyurethane cots are also suitable for UV ink cots and mineral oil cots, etc., especially good for boiling water, diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, kerosene, toluene, alcohol and brine solution. But intolerant to ethyl acetate and strong acids and bases.


5. Polyurethane adhesive has excellent physical properties, cots long-term use will not harden, not aging, good tear resistance, good resilience, good wear resistance, long life, easy to store, long-term storage will not affect the use effect. Can withstand high pressure, high speed, high temperature, high humidity production environment. The experiment shows that the tensile strength and wear resistance of polyurethane cots are 3 times and 5 times that of natural rubber cots. Compression permanent deformation, better elasticity; The life of polyurethane cots is more than 1 times that of ordinary cots.


6. Polyurethane coated adhesive has strong hydrophilicity and can be used as a rubber roller for water, alcohol and moistening plate system, with good effect.


7. Polyurethane adhesive is easy to clean, light and dark ink is easy to convert, easy to print and color exchange.

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