Characteristics of Polyurethane Rollers

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Characteristics of Polyurethane Rollers

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Characteristics of Polyurethane Rollers


Characteristics of polyurethane rollers


1. The physical properties of polyurethane rollers, so that it will not have aging problems, long use time. The performance characteristics of polyurethane rollers can be divided into two aspects, one is the physical property, the other is the chemical property. In terms of physical function, polyurethane will not easily aging, good resilience, excellent wear resistance, so its service life is very long. Polyurethane rollers can also adapt to high strength production environment, such as high pressure, high rotation and so on such harsh conditions.


2. The chemical properties of polyurethane rollers make it resistant to fusion with a variety of solvents. The chemical properties of polyurethane rollers are also excellent and can be adapted to different types of printing methods. Because polyurethane is the main raw material of polyurethane rollers, so in the face of a variety of printing press needs to use solvent, can show special resistance. Can also be applied to UV ink, boiling water, diesel, gasoline and other solvents, with excellent solubility.

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