Features of Polyurethane Scraper

Author:Features of Polyurethane Scraper     Date Posted:06 May 2023

Features of Polyurethane Scraper

1. Oil resistance is very good


The current polyurethane scraper has many characteristics, especially because polyurethane is a kind of polymer compound, so the oil resistance of Su Hong is also very good, even if it encounters fuel oil and mechanical oil, there is no need to worry about being affected by any The erosion, coupled with its low temperature resistance, so it can be used with confidence in a low temperature environment.


2. Excellent vibration-absorbing performance


Because the polyurethane scraper is mainly used on some equipment to complete the cleaning and other work, so the vibration absorption performance should also be paid attention to. The current scraper will have good vibration absorption performance and can be used for shock absorption and buffering. , so in the mold manufacturing industry, it can replace materials such as rubber and springs to get a good application.


3. Good radiation resistance


The high temperature resistance of polyurethane can also be guaranteed, and it can guarantee good performance under a certain radiation dose. Therefore, there is no need to worry about using it in a radiation environment. In addition, after testing, it will be found that the strength of the scraper itself is relatively high. In the case of high hardness, the impact strength is also relatively high, especially compared with rubber and plastics, it is even better. strength.




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