Features of Polyurethane Scraper

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Features of Polyurethane Scraper

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Application: Features of Polyurethane Scraper


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Features of Polyurethane Scraper


Features of Polyurethane Scraper


1. Excellent vibration absorption performance, can be used for vibration reduction and buffering. In the mold manufacturing industry, it can replace rubber and springs.


2. High strength. Their tear strength and load-carrying capacity are much higher than general-purpose rubber at rubber hardness. Under high hardness, its impact strength and bending strength are much higher than plastics.

3. Radiation resistance. Polyurethane has good resistance to high-energy rays, and it still has satisfactory performance under the radiation dose of 10-10 Ge.

4. Good resistance to oxygen and ozone. Polyurethane elastomer is a kind of strong polar polymer compound, which has low affinity with non-polar mineral oil, and is hardly eroded in fuel oil and machine oil.

5. Wide range of hardness. It still has the elongation and resilience of rubber under high hardness. 


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