Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper

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Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper

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Application: Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper


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Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper


Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper


Polyurethane material is a class of polymers containing urethane-type repeating structural units in the macromolecular chain. It is a new type of organic polymer material and is known as the fifth largest plastic. Polyurethane cleaner scrapers are widely used in many fields because of their excellent performance.

1. Polyurethane cleaner scrapers are widely used in vibration damping plates of heavy machinery, blanking, stamping, sheet metal calibration and fields with high insulation requirements.

2. The cleaner scraper is used in traffic warning boards, wear-resistant boards, rubber-coated boards, automobile lining boards, mechanical backing boards, wear-resistant scrapers, sandblasting machine guards, road roller mud scrapers, snow cleaning vehicle scrapers, belts Machine scraper, cleaning vehicle scraper, magnetic separator wear plate, aluminum coil backing plate, non-slip floor, material retaining plate, etc.

3. The cleaner scraper has a stable 200-type polyurethane scraper scraping effect, and is widely used in electric power, mining, coal, conveying machinery, cleaning and other industries.

The polyurethane cleaner scraper is made of polyurethane composite material. The scraper surface is smooth and straight. It can effectively remove fine particles and wet sticky materials on the residual belt. It is a popular cleaner scraper in the market

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