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Polyurethane Scraper

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Application: Polyurethane Scraper


Main description:

Polyurethane Scraper


Polyurethane Scraper

The polyurethane scraper cleaner is mainly used to clean the sticky material and sundries on the front and back of the belt. The cleaning device plays an important role on the conveyor, and the production and transportation equipment of coal mines, electric power, steel, petrochemical and other enterprises all rely on it to clean.


The cleaners available on the market are mainly used to clean up the garbage on the belt. Enterprises such as mines, power plants, and metallurgy have high requirements on the cleaning performance of the cleaners. The attachments are cleaned, and the polyurethane cleaner saves the cost of use to a certain extent, and is very popular in the market.


Functions and features of polyurethane cleaners:


1. Good wear resistance and long service life;


Polyurethane is a special wear-resistant material synthesized from ultra-high polymers. It has the characteristics of high purity, non-stick material, oil resistance, wear resistance and no damage to the conveyor belt.


2. Good moisture and water resistance;


3. Good cleaning effect;


The elasticity of the polyurethane cutter head itself and the spring structure of the fuselage can keep the cutter head in close contact with the conveyor belt, automatically compensate for wear and tear, and ensure the cleaning effect.




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