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CPU polyurethane cast products

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Application: Ceramic, Consumer, Electronic, Food, Glass, Machinery, Mineral, Packaging, Papermaking, Petroleum, Printing, Textile, Tiles


Main description:

Polyurethane casting products have a wide range of applications and can be flexibly used in various wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, water-resistant work situations, with simple processing and low cost.


CPU polyurethane cast products

Castable polyurethane elastomer (CPU), CPU is a viscous liquid before processing, so it is called "liquid rubber", it is based on liquid oligomer polyol, isocyanate and small molecule chain extender, using liquid The mixed casting processing method comprises a crosslinked crosslinking reaction to obtain a cured crosslinked high elastic product. A cast polyurethane elastomer (CPUE or CPU elastomer) is a chemical system that produces a liquid reaction mixture into a mold cavity to produce an article.


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Application of cast polyurethane products:

Castable polyurethane elastomer (PU) is a new type of material between rubber and plastic. In practical applications, it is often used as a replacement for rubber products. Due to excellent wear resistance (best in elastomers), high strength (3-5 times that of ordinary rubber), high elongation (500%-1500%), high elasticity (load support capacity, shock absorption) Good effect), wide hardness range (Shore A20-Shore D70); also has excellent performances such as oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, radiation resistance, etc. It also has outstanding wear resistance, so there are many occasions in which the wear problem is serious. Important uses, especially in the mining, oil and gas industries. The application fields of cast polyurethane elastomer are: solid tire; printing and conveying rubber roller; pressure rubber roller; oil seal, gasket ball joint, bushing bearing; O ring; bolster; sole, back root, baotou; lining; Wait. Elastomers of different choices have different hardness ranges for different applications. In the mining, metallurgical and other industries, there are sieve plates, shakers, etc.; in the machinery industry, there are rubber rollers, tapes, seals, etc.; in the automotive industry, there are tires, seals, etc.; in light industry applications There are polyurethane sole materials, polyurethane synthetic leather, polyurethane fibers; in the construction industry, there are waterproof materials, paving materials, potting materials and so on.

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Polyurethane wheels

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Polyurethane rod

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Polyurethane board


Custom polyurethane parts

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Custom polyurethane products


Polyurethane sheet

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Polyurethane cushion

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Polyurethane gears

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Polyurethane seals

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Customized PU parts

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