Polyurethane Wheels

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Polyurethane Wheels


Polyurethane Wheels

1. Application fields of polyurethane wheels


Polyurethane casters are significantly better than wheels made of other materials in terms of wear resistance, caster rolling resistance, and tear resistance. The load-bearing capacity of polyurethane casters of the same size is 6-7 times that of rubber wheels. The production process can be continuous and automated, and little waste is generated during production and use.


More importantly, part of the carcass of used polyurethane casters can be recycled and used as other polyurethane products, which will not cause environmental pollution. Moreover, it is molded by liquid casting and has a simple manufacturing process. Therefore, it is called the green environmentally friendly caster of the 21st century. Polyurethane wheels will be the mainstream of caster development in various industries in the future, and polyurethane universal wheels have broad application prospects in the automotive industry.


2. Characteristics of polyurethane wheels


The elastomer of polyurethane wheels has good properties such as wear resistance, chemical erosion resistance, high strength, high elasticity, low pressure resistance, strong shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high load-bearing and shock absorption and buffering. Polyurethane wheels also have a wide hardness range, from Shore A10 to 100. There are already products on the market that surpass Shaw A100 and above. In addition, the polyurethane wheel has excellent sound-absorbing properties. The wheel does not produce noise during movement and can achieve a silent effect. These characteristics of PU wheels make them very suitable as caster materials.


3. Polyurethane wheels can be processed using a variety of methods


Polyurethane wheels can be molded by injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding and other processes like ordinary plastics (referring to CPU); (2) Polyurethane wheel elastomers can also be molded, mixed and vulcanized like general rubber. Molding (referring to MPU); (3) Polyurethane wheels can also be made into liquid rubber, cast and molded or sprayed, potted, and centrifugally molded (referred to as CPU).


4.Advantages of polyurethane cold-resistant wheels


It is high temperature resistant, silent, shock-absorbing, has good elasticity, heavy load-bearing, and is not prone to degumming. It has a long service life and is mostly used in the mechanical industry and transmission. And it has good sliding effect, wear resistance and durability.


5. Polyurethane product characteristics


No scratches, no noise. Long service life and reduced costs. The temperature resistance ranges from minus 20 degrees to high temperatures of 120 degrees. Polyurethane products are pollution-free, non-toxic and odorless.





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