Polyurethane Scraper Cleaner

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Polyurethane Scraper Cleaner

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Application: Polyurethane Scraper Cleaner


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Polyurethane Scraper Cleaner


Polyurethane Scraper Cleaner

The material of the polyurethane cleaner is polymer polyurethane, which has low friction coefficient, high wear resistance, high strength, stable scraping effect, anti-corrosion and anti-fracture without damaging the belt. Suitable for conveyor belts in various industries such as electric power, metallurgy, and mining. The service life is 3 to 4 times that of alloy rubber cleaners.


The polyurethane scraper has high wear resistance, high aging resistance, and high solvent resistance, and the polyurethane scraper has a long service life. Its Shore hardness is: 45A-90A. PU scraper is used to scrape off adhered ash and powder materials on coal chemical conveyor belts, such as coal transportation, fertilizer transportation, sand and gravel transportation, etc. It is characterized by super wear-resistant polyurethane composite material, which has twice the service life of ordinary polyurethane. The wear resistance is very good, and the service life is 5 times that of ordinary rubber and plastic products. It can be customized according to customer drawing requirements. PU scrapers are all made of casting molding. Various types of products are easy to install, maintain, and debug without damaging the belt. , does not hold objects, does not stick to materials, has good cleaning effect, good toughness, good straightness, and high wear resistance. Application: widely used in electric power, mining, coal, transportation machinery, cleaning and other industries.



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