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Polyurethane Wheel


Polyurethane Wheel

Polyurethane wheel is a wheel made of polyurethane elastomer. It has a series of excellent properties and characteristics and has been widely used in many fields. The low-noise polyurethane rubber-coated wheel has the characteristics of heavy load, wear resistance, no degumming and long service life.


Polyurethane wheels have the advantages of high strength, high load-bearing capacity, and high resilience. There are strong hydrogen bonds between its molecular chains, which gives polyurethane materials a high elastic modulus and load-bearing capacity. In addition, polyurethane wheels have very good wear resistance and can withstand high loads and repeated compression, so they are used in various transportation and handling equipment.


What material is polyurethane wheel?

Polyurethane wheels are wheels made of polyurethane material. They have many excellent properties and are therefore widely used in many fields. First of all, polyurethane wheels have good wear resistance and can be used on a variety of different surfaces for a long time without wearing out. Secondly, polyurethane wheels have high elasticity and resilience and can withstand high loads and impacts, so they are suitable for various occasions that require fast movement or open transportation of heavy objects. In addition, polyurethane wheels also have good chemical resistance and waterproof properties and can be used in various harsh environmental conditions.


Characteristics of polyurethane rubber-coated wheels

Polyurethane wheels have good tear resistance. Due to the weak cohesion between polyurethane molecular chains, plastic deformation can easily occur under the action of external forces, thereby avoiding the occurrence of cracks. In addition, there are a large number of flexible segments in the polyurethane molecular chain, which gives the material good impact resistance. The production process of polyurethane wheels can be continuous and automated. Since the processing technology of polyurethane materials is relatively simple, it can be continuously produced through injection molding, calendering, etc., thereby improving production efficiency and reducing production costs. In addition, very little waste is generated during the production process, so it is called the green tire of the 21st century.


Polyurethane wheels have the advantages of low noise, high load-bearing capacity, high wear resistance, and long life. Because the polyurethane material has a lower density, it can reduce the weight of the tire, thereby increasing the tire's load-bearing capacity. In addition, the wear resistance of polyurethane material is very good, which can extend the service life of the tire. It is important to note that while polyurethane wheels excel in many aspects, they may have some shortcomings in terms of comfort and ozone resistance. Therefore, in order to improve the performance and application range of tires, further improvement and optimization of polyurethane rubber tires are needed.


Polyurethane wheels have many applications in many fields due to their advantages such as high strength, high load-bearing capacity, and high resilience. For example, it can be applied to various transportation and handling equipment, including various vehicles, forklifts, industrial handling vehicles, etc. In addition, polyurethane wheels can also be used in the manufacture of various mechanical equipment and tools, such as engineering machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. In addition, polyurethane wheels can also be used in various building structure support materials, pipe compensators, shock absorbers, and various sports equipment and other fields.


To sum up, polyurethane wheels are a tire material with many advantages and characteristics, and have broad application prospects and development potential. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, it is believed that the performance and application fields of polyurethane wheels will continue to expand and extend in the future.

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