Polyurethane Wheels

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Polyurethane Wheels


Polyurethane Wheels

Compared with ordinary tires, polyurethane tires have high strength, high load-bearing, high rebound, high wear resistance, high tear resistance and other properties, which are incomparable to ordinary tires.


Polyurethane tire products mainly have the following characteristics:

1. High tear strength. The tear strength of polyurethane composite tires is more than three times that of ordinary rubber.

2. Good water resistance, acid and alkali resistance

3. High tensile strength, the tensile strength is more than 1.5 times that of ordinary rubber tires.

4. Good wear resistance. The Akron wear value of polyurethane composite tires is more than 5 times that of imported rubber tires.

5. Large load-bearing capacity and long service life

6. Impact resistance, good resilience, and good aging resistance

With the improvement of social science and technology and living standards, various intelligent machines will appear in the world, and then it will be necessary to produce a variety of excellent tires to match them. Polyurethane material is undoubtedly the most suitable high-performance material for excellent machinery.

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