Advantages of polyurethane casters

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Advantages of polyurethane casters

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Application: Advantages of polyurethane casters


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Advantages of polyurethane casters


Advantages of polyurethane casters

1. Excellent wear resistance and impact resistance: Polyurethane casters have excellent wear resistance and can withstand long-term high-intensity use without failure. Its unique molecular structure allows polyurethane casters to resist a variety of surface wear and maintain long-term stability.

2. Lower rolling resistance: Polyurethane casters have lower rolling resistance than casters made of other materials, which means that under the same conditions, polyurethane casters can reduce energy consumption and reduce the force of pushing equipment or devices.

3. Obvious sound absorption and shock absorption effects: Polyurethane casters have good sound absorption and shock absorption properties, which can reduce noise and vibration generated when the equipment is running.

4. Strong corrosion resistance and chemical resistance: Polyurethane casters have strong corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals and solvents and are not susceptible to corrosion or dissolution.

5. Diverse application scenarios: Due to the above advantages of polyurethane casters, they are widely used in many fields, from light office chairs to heavy industrial equipment, from medical equipment to food processing equipment.

6. Environmental performance: During the manufacturing process of polyurethane wheels, different polyurethane materials and formulas can be used to adjust the hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance and other properties of the wheels to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

7. Simple installation and maintenance: The installation and maintenance of polyurethane wheels are relatively simple and can be easily disassembled, replaced and repaired, reducing the cost of use and maintenance difficulty.

To sum up, polyurethane casters have many advantages, making them widely used in many fields.

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