Characteristics of polyurethane rollers

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Characteristics of polyurethane rollers

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Characteristics of polyurethane rollers


Characteristics of polyurethane rollers


1. The polyurethane roller colloid has sufficient surface viscosity.


2. It has excellent physical properties. Long-term use will not cause the roller to harden or age. It has good tear resistance, rebound performance and excellent wear resistance.


3. It has excellent chemical properties and is suitable for various types of inks and printing methods. It is very suitable for glazing oil rollers and UV ink rollers, etc.


4. High-grade rubber rollers are bright and shiny in appearance, the surface of the rubber is delicate and smooth, and the glue and the core are firmly bonded.


5. It has good affinity for water. Introducing and increasing factors with good affinity for water improve the material's resistance to surface tension and surface water absorption against water.


6. High-grade rubber rollers are easy to clean. It is very easy to switch between dark and light ink during production. Frequent loading, unloading and cleaning are not required, which facilitates production.