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Polyurethane Wheels


Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane wheels are a material between regular rubber and plastic. This is the most wear-resistant elastomer available and is non-toxic to the human body. It does not need to add carbon black and some harmful rubber compounding agents during production and processing. It is an ideal material for making tire treads. The most important features of polyurethane casters are high elasticity within the hardness range, good mechanical strength, oil resistance and ozone resistance, as well as good low temperature performance.


Polyurethane casters are significantly better than rubber tires in terms of wear resistance, rolling resistance, and tear resistance. The load-bearing capacity of polyurethane casters of the same size is 6-7 times that of rubber tires. Its production process can be continuous and automated, and little waste is generated during production and use. More importantly, part of the carcass of waste tires can be recycled and used in other polyurethane products without causing environmental pollution. And its manufacturing process is simple - liquid casting. It is a new type of cordless cast wheel, so it is called the green tire of the 21st century. Polyurethane wheels will be the preferred choice for future automated warehousing equipment wheels. It has broad application prospects in stackers, shuttles, automatic guided vehicles and other equipment.


Due to the particularity of the environment in which shuttle handling equipment is used, metal or hard plastic wheels are prone to produce greater noise in a closed environment (with metal tracks or U-shaped grooves on metal shelves), which is difficult to dissipate quickly. When choosing one it is especially important to have wheels with good noise reduction. In addition, due to the high weight and load of the equipment, the load capacity of ordinary rubber wheels is difficult to meet the equipment requirements. It is also crucial to choose wheels with good load-bearing capacity. When warehousing equipment is used in warehousing, its installation and debugging are also relatively complicated. The quality of the wheels is directly related to the frequency of replacement. The longer the wheel lasts, the lower the replacement cost. Choosing wear-resistant and durable wheels is also a key consideration for designers.


In summary, due to the advantages of polyurethane wheels such as low noise, high load-bearing capacity, high wear resistance, and long life, polyurethane wheels are increasingly used in the logistics and warehousing automation industry and are highly respected.


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