Polyurethane polysilicon material shovel

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Polyurethane polysilicon material shovel

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A special polyurethane tool developed for the polysilicon industry, suitable for material shovel for polysilicon production, to avoid metal contamination of polysilicon in the production process. The product is wear resistant and has a long service life.


Polyurethane polysilicon material shovel

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Why use polyurethane?

High wear resistance: Polyurethane elastomer is the most wear-resistant in the currently known polymer materials. Wear resistance means reducing the generation of debris, reducing pollution, and improving the service life and cost performance of the product.

High strength: The excellent tensile and tear strength and impact resistance of polyurethane elastomers make the material more capable of more difficult tasks, such as high-frequency use of crushing table covers.

Outstanding elongation at break: The elongation at break of polyurethane elastomers is usually 300-800% or more, which means that polyurethane will not easily break the material even if there is local large deformation during extreme use. , to reduce the phenomenon of material slag and other undesirable phenomena;

Good elasticity and recovery: Polyurethane elastomer has excellent elasticity and recovery. In contact with extremely high hardness and sharp polysilicon material, even if it is repeatedly puncture, it can recover from self-healing, and it is not easy to cause damage to the material. Long-lasting protection;

Convenient molding process: The flexible process of cast polyurethane elastomers makes it possible to produce large and complex workpieces. Very suitable for the individual needs of different manufacturers and different products;

Purity of materials: The polyurethane protective products we provide are all pure polyurethane materials, do not contain plasticizers, and do not have any other fillers, so there is no problem of precipitation of plasticizers and additives during the use of the product and contamination of polysilicon. .

In the production process of polysilicon production enterprises, due to the stringent requirements on the purity of silicon materials, it is necessary to avoid the contamination of silicon materials by contact materials in the whole production circulation, especially the contamination of silicon materials by metal components, which requires silicon Metal tools, production facilities, and transfer equipment involved in the entire production process of materials (such as silicon rod transfer vehicles, silicon core transfer vehicles, crushing tables, silicon tanks, weighing trays, silicon material screening equipment, tools for contacting silicon materials) , mechanical arm gripper, work surface, floor, etc. for isolation protection. Traditional protective materials use PVC, tetrafluoroethylene, PE and ABS plastic materials. In the process of use, plastics are prone to brittle, slag, non-wear, non-durable, and structural defects of protective products. Quality issues. Through the on-site investigation and trial use, we have developed and optimized the types of polyurethane elastomers that are suitable for the industry. The application of our polyurethane protective products in this field has greatly improved the above defects and improved the quality of polysilicon products. And production efficiency, good durability also means lower costs.

Polysilicon materials and products require high purity in the production process, and it is necessary to prevent contamination in the production process and form non-conforming products. An important source of pollution in various polluting gardens is metal tools. Therefore, in production, polycrystalline silicon original and finished products must avoid contact with metal tools, and polyurethane products and polyurethane lining tools are an ideal choice. At the same time, the polyurethane material is wear-resistant and elastic, and it also plays a good buffering protection effect on the product in the production process, which is also beneficial to the service life of the tool. Polysilicon has very high system requirements, not a single set, but hundreds of sets of thousands of sets of equipment work together to produce products. Because of the existence of a large number of flammable and explosive gases, the safety requirements for the production process are very high. It also requires a high level of technology, and the technical risks and environmental risks are very large.

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