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Customized polyurethane products

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Application: Machinery, chemical, paper, steel, ceramics


Main description:

Customized high performance polyurethane non-standard products, cast polyurethane and extruded polyurethane products, good quality, wear and oil resistance, long service life.


Customized polyurethane products

The company specializes in producing all kinds of polyurethane products. casting polyurethane and extruded polyurethane products with good quality, wear and oil resistance and long service life. 

As a new type of material, polyurethane has good resilience, wear resistance and oil resistance. It is used as wear parts, gaskets, springs, stamping pads and various molds in various industries such as mining, machinery, paper making, printing, agriculture, etc. There are a wide range of applications. Polyurethane thermoplastic products are available in both fully thermoplastic and semi-thermoplastic versions. The former is a linear structure and the latter has a small amount of cross-linking. They can be formed by thermoplastic processing methods and equipment. The cast rubber is mostly mixed with a liquid prepolymer and a chain extender, and then cast or sprayed, and the adaptability is strong. In Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, plastics are generally referred to as plastics, so it is not meaningful to strictly distinguish between plastics and rubber. To distinguish between plastics and rubber from a theoretical perspective, it is generally seen whether the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the material is above normal temperature or below normal temperature. Polyurethane rubber (U) is composed of oligomer polyol (polyether diol, polyester diol or polyolefin diol and polyether diol containing phosphorus, chlorine, fluorine, etc.), polyisocyanate and chain extender. 

The product of the reaction is carried out in the presence of a catalyst. Polyurethane shaped parts are processed. When the rubber products are molded, they are pressed by large pressure, and the cohesive force of the elastomers cannot be eliminated. When forming the mold, it tends to produce extremely unstable shrinkage (rubber shrinkage, different rubber types) And there are differences), it takes a while to be gentle and stable. Therefore, when a rubber product is designed at the beginning, regardless of the formula or mold, it is necessary to carefully calculate the fit. If not, it is easy to cause the product size to be unstable, resulting in low product quality.

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