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Cold isostatic pressing tools

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The company provides high-quality isostatic pressing rubber sleeves for various pressure materials such as ceramics, graphite, hard alloys and permanent magnet materials. With rich industry experience and advanced professional materials for the isostatic pressing industry, we provide professional isostatic pressing solutions.

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At present, there are two types of isostatic pressing molds widely used,  polyurethane static pressing molds and rubber static pressing molds. In comparison, polyurethane molds have obvious advantages:

  1. long lasting. Polyurethane has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance. It rebounds well after long-term use, does not deform, and guarantees accuracy. After the rubber isostatic mold has been used for a long time, the surface will be oxidized to produce a sticky paste.

  2. Wide application range and high molding precision. Polyurethane materials have a wide range of hardness modifiers. According to different use environments and processes, it can be made into a very soft rubber sleeve, which is convenient for demoulding when pressing shaped parts. It can also be made into a mold with high hardness to ensure the rigidity during loading and ensure the strict size of the finished product. Demanding.

  3. The surface is smooth and the post processing is small. Improve efficiency and save costs.

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Durability, the deformation rate of the mold in use is a concern of the customer's offer. The company's molds for its long life, high precision, low deformation characteristics, to improve efficiency and reduce costs for our customers. In cooperation with numerous isostatic equipment manufacturers and end users, the company has accumulated rich industry experience and will provide professional solutions, products and services for more customers.

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CIP bags

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DIP mould

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